Sunday, June 7, 2015

Clearing My Head aka Upcoming Craft Projects and UFOs

I promised myself after the clearing out of all the uncompleted projects before the Big Move (we went to Australia for a year) that I wouldn't start anymore new craft projects without having finished the last one.  No more UFOs in my cupboard. Yea, I get a chuckle from that too.

And I am trying, but sometimes I just forget about a project when I get busy and set it aside to deal with life, like this one made of granny squares.

When completed, this will be a table runner, sort of like an over-sized doily, on the dining table.
Edited to add:  Hahaha - when I opened the box to take the above photo, I also found a skein of yellow crochet cotton and the start of a scarf inspired by this pattern!

This is probably the most challenging crochet project I've worked on in a long time. And it has a long, long way to go. Maybe I'll have it done for next spring.
There is also this blanket which I started in Australia.  It hasn't so much been set aside as it just takes a long time to get a blanket done when you're working with a G hook.  As long as I keep working 2 rows each day, I am happy with it being in my project box.

A while back, this wall art photo came across my fb newsfeed which is my inspiration piece for these flowers which will become my own wall art piece for Isabelle's room. A few weeks ago, I came across these beautiful pastel yarns were at the thrift store and and brought them home with me specifically for this project.


My latest project has dropped the crochet hook and moved over to the sewing machine.  It's a nightgown for Isabelle using McCalls 1628 pattern. When I started sewing, the fabric bunched up and the last time that happened, I ended up hand-sewing the project, which I didn't want to do with this one. So I sent out a message to the sewing club, received some good tips back, and am ready to give it a go again. I'll get it done today.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to get Isabelle's other nightgown done today too. Then I can check these nightgowns completely off my list.

Yes, I have a list.  I do. I had to get it out of my head so I could prioritize, because yesterday, after scoring this amazing collection of fabrics (knits, flannels, calicos, solids, and pre-printed for embroidery) at thrift store for $26, I was feeling overwhelmed with ideas!

Obviously, the former owner was a quilter, just going by the amount of calicos, flannels, and solids in this collection. One has a cut slip from 1990 still pinned to it.

Up-Coming Projects --
sewing machine cover made from double-sided, quilted fabric
nightgowns for me
skirts for me
leggings for Isabelle
daily pillowcases
plant hangers
flannel napkins
nylon dish scrubbies

Whew!  It feels so good to get all that out of my head and down on paper where I can see and prioritize it all.

Last night, I finished a pair of mini-fingerless gloves for Isabelle to give to a friend.

And started designing a pattern to make this hook and needle holder. I mean who posts a photo for a project without including the pattern?!

After the stores open this morning, I'll be heading out to buy some yarn for a gift for a friend, which I expect to get done this week.

So, it's time to get to work. We have quite a day planned starting with our pajama morning. We'll have lots of snuggles before eventually, getting dressed for lunch and heading out for an afternoon at the Children's Garden.  Time for spring planting, you know.

How about you?  What projects do you have coming up? I'd love to hear what you're working on, you know, outside all the daily living stuff. It's so important to have your own interests and projects.


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  1. Well, right now my priority project is a pair of knit lace socks that I am making for our friend who is coming to visit in 2 weeks! Bill decided how he wants the hat he bought some cotton for while we were still in Ballinrobe, so now that it seems as though there might be some summerish weather, I should make that. I also have several cones of wool from the charity shop with which to make myself a couple of winter garments. And I have the supplies and idea for a Christmas present, too :-) Who knows what will cause me to detour from my expected path--I think a list is a really good idea!