Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meal Planning this week

Monday -- Bits of this and that; aka, leftovers

Tuesday -- chicken thighs, potato slices, green beans

Wednesday -- sandwiches and fresh veg

Thursday -- sloppy joes, hash browns, corn, fruit

Friday -- homemade pizza, garlic cheese bread, italian tossed salad

Saturday -- beef w/gravy over toast, peas, fruit

Sunday -- ham, scallopped potatoes, steamed veg

I usually make up a fancy chef's/greek/tossed salad for Kenn's lunch or lunchmeat sandwiches with a yogurt and piece of fruit.  And typically, Isabelle and I have leftovers from supper for lunch the next day.

Breakfast can be cold cereal, oatmeal, eggs, cheese stick, fruit, or just toast with jam or pb.

Snacks are fruit and/or mixed nuts and/or yogurt.

Do you plan your meals ahead? Please leave a comment.


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