Friday, May 29, 2015


So many crafts to do....  so little time.

My latest crafting project, inspired by this bag, is this basket!!  It's quite sturdy and about 9" high and 9" across.  The perfect size for keeping some of my pending sewing patterns handy and contained.

The pattern did call for super bulky weight yarn, but I just doubled up the worsted weight yarns I had on hand while still using the size I hook called for.  And I couldn't be happier!

Making do - we have 2 ceiling fans which both needed longer pull chains and embracing my year of Buying Nothing New, I pulled out my yarns and made the chains!  One I used a crochet thread and the other just a worsted weight.  And for both, I just made a chain until it was long enough, turned and single crocheted back to the other end.  Tadaa!!  Sadly, I'm not able to get a good picture.

And who could get through summer without a marble maze?!  

Made simply with a piece of cardboard, craft sticks, a hot glue gun and this marble maze for inspiration.

What craft projects are you working on?  Please share in the comments!


  1. Nearing the end of the second panel of a bed jacket. Then it'll be on to crocheting them together to form a vest-like shape before adding sleeves. Then I will focus on a pair of socks. I love your basket!

    1. Thanks Shari. I look forward to seeing your bed jacket. I have an idea for a reverse bed jacket that I'd like to make when autumn rolls around. Reverse because I want it to cover my front rather than my back.