Saturday, May 23, 2015

Frugal Fun

Whether it's the Free children's bowling program, our YMCA membership, Free programs put on by the Parks Dept, or doing arts and crafts; it can all be done with little to no money being spent.

Back in February, a flyer came around on FB promoting a Free bowling for the summer for children, which honestly I thought was too good to be true.  But as I dug into the details (April to September, includes show rental, two games each and every day of the week), I found it was the real deal and signed up Isabelle.  While going through the process, I was given the option of adding one parent for $20 or two parents for $25.  Yes, please and signed up both of us.
We pay shoe rental at $1.75/pr.  Not bad for an hour or so of bowling for all of us.  The icing on the cake came last time we were there, and the manager offered a shoe pass for $15 which would be good all summer.  I haven't yet priced shoes, but I'm guessing they'll be in the $30 - $50 range, and that I've have to buy them new. And I'm not sure I'm ready to make that commitment, but the $15 is totally doable.

We love our YMCA membership because with it, we enjoy all kinds of benefits - unlimited swimming and/or playing in the gym at no extra cost, free babysitting for Isabelle while I use the track for walking, free swimming lessons for Isabelle, and unlimited use of the fitness center. Yes, we pay $58/mo for membership, but we get full value and make use of all the benefits.

Tonight we're heading out to the kick off of the summer programs put on by the County Parks Dept. Our parks people are committed to putting on high quality programs and we look forward to attending every one of them. Tonight's topic is reptiles!

The new ampitheater
Even when I am sewing, there is plenty of room to be frugal.  Yesterday, I picked up 10 new (yes, new) patterns for just $10.  When patterns are only $1 each compared to $15 - $20, yes I will be stocking up - some for Isabelle, some for me, and some for homemaking.  

Fabric is hit and miss.  I'm happy to makeover a sheet or curtain I buy at the thrift store into a new-to-us dress, skirt or whatever, but I also allow fabrics as an exclusion to my Buy Nothing New commitment.  I believe it's important to send the message to the fabric companies that fabric by the bolt is still in demand.

So tell me about your frugal fun below in the comments.

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